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Alleria Belle – Wedding dresses wholesale from manufacturer

Alleria Belle - wedding dresses from manufacturer

Alleria Belle – it’s a wedding dress manufacturer, which has been working on the world market since 2003. Extensive experience and high competitiveness have influenced us in the best possible way. We successfully and fruitfully cooperate with customers from Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world. Taking into account all our knowledge, professional skills and extensive work experience, we offer wedding dresses wholesale from manufacturer, different with their quality and reasonable price. Our wedding dresses suit perfectly every bride. These dresses can easily find their customers and wide assortment will please not only classic style lovers but also admirers of modern, extraordinary fashion styles.

Wedding dresses wholesale from TM Alleria Belle

Wedding dress manufacturer in Chernivtsi “Alleria Belle” – it’s an amazing combination of quality and price as well as unbelievable combination of modern tendencies: classics and tradition along with original design solutions. Offered by us wedding dresses wholesale from manufacturer – they are delicacy and lightness, elegance and femininity, sophistication and ostentatious smartness.

Our zest is in the understanding of our customers’ needs and respect of their cultural traditions. That’s why our dresses are so popular in such European countries as: Romania, Greece, France, Italy and many others, we also successfully cooperate with Russian and Kazakhstan. Wedding dresses wholesale from Ukrainian manufacturer - these are sophisticated and unique images for any bride as well as original solutions from professional design team.

Our team consists of experienced professionals whose quality of work increases daily! Designers, tailors, fashion designers, cutters, seamstresses – each of them has their own task but at the same time we work for the common good: make every bride feel herself the Queen on her wedding day! Wedding dresses from manufacturer Alleria Belle are created from the variety of high-quality fabrics and laces while some models are handmade decorated. Thanks to this every Alleria Belle dress is amazing and exclusive of a kind.

We pay much attention to every detail of the dress manufacturing process – starting from sketch development and ending with ready dress. It is the desire for perfection that made Alleria Belle dresses so popular in Romania, France, Greece and many other European countries. We also have many regular customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Canada and Brasilia. Having good reputation, extensive experience, favorable price policy, quick and reliable means of delivery at any part of the world we are always ready for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with new customer wherever they can be!

Wedding dresses wholesale from manufacture (Ukraine, Chernivtsi) – it’s first of all quality, refinement and sophistication in every dress. May every bride be happy feeling herself the Queen of the ball in the wedding dress from Alleria Belle!

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